Episode 1

Published on:

5th May 2021

People and the Past

We begin this series with a look at the significant historical moments in the relationship between Scotland and Malawi. Hosts Chimzy and Hazel introduce the series and bring everyone up to speed with how Scotland and Malawi have become entwined through people to people connections over several generations.

In this episode we're speaking with the Lost History Foundation in Malawi, Scotland's former first minister Jack McConnell, Malawian Comedian and and Britain's Got Talent Finalist Daliso Chaponda, Mariot Dallas from the Mamie Martin Fund and Malawian performer Sharmilla Elias.

We talk about chieftaincies, David Livingston, the Chilembwe uprising, signing of the Scotland-Malawi co-operation agreement in 2005 and the Commonwealth Games.

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About the Podcast

People to People podcast
Exploring the Unique Partnership between Scotland and Malawi
We're exploring International Partnerships by having People to People conversations. As a Scot and a Malawian, we're particularly looking at the friendship between Scotland and Malawi. We chat about climate justice, gender, equality, COVID, privilege, history, farming and the future, oh... and MANGOES! Everyone wants to tell us how good Mangoes taste in Malawi. An important and complicated conversation filled with laughter, respect and warm-hearted love.

How can you have an equal partnership when one country is so rich and the other is so poor? If we recognise our privilege- what happens next? What does Restorative Climate Justice actually mean? Can you really grow all your family needs in a quarter acre? How has the pandemic changed our partnerships? How can friendship help protect the Lillian's Lovebird?

We want to include as many people as possible in the conversation.
Email: peopletopeoplepod@gmail.com

**Hosted and produced by Chimzy Dorey and Hazel Darwin-Clements**
Supported by the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

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